edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS - Die Onlinelernumgebung für den Sport

The edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS

The number one online learning-environment for sports with focus on Social Video Learning

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You and your sports organization can benefit from the advantages of the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS directly:

  • Development of reflection

    Thus videos, assignments, e-portfolio etc. the development of reflection competences is focused

  • Social learning

    Structured and well targeted social exchange around assignments, questions and ideas foster social learning

  • User generated content

    Users learn by producing their own content such as videos, blogs, comments, documents etc.

  • Video-analysis tools

    Written video-comments and visual tags directly in the videos (Social Video Learning)

  • Online learning-environment

    Password protected online environment for e-learning units, exchange, learning materials (videos, tests, documents), optional webinar function, ideal for Blended Learning.

  • edubreak®APP

    The app for android devices connects the in-class lectures with the online-phases. It enables a fast upload and live commenting.


Designed for sports by sports people


The edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS with its special reflection- and analyzing-processes has been awarded several times as an exceptional 360° education solution for Blended Learning in sports. Last award given to the team was the “International e-Learning Award 2016”.

Learn more about the implementation of digital media into education programs in sports by joining our free webinars. 

The online-learning-environment edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS has been developed for the special reflection and analyzing-processes in sports alongside partners from practice and science. Its didactical and technical core, is the edubreak®player. A video player that offers social interaction and stimulates learning processes through video annotation. Written video comments as well as visual tags can be added directly into the video and get re-commented by all participants within their course.

For over eight years, edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS has been used in sports for train the trainer scenarios within further education programs throughout Germany. Education through Social Video Learning not only increases the training quality but enhances the flexibility and intensity with which students’ progress may be supervised.

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The result of a high quality education of your coaches is shown by the success of your athletes. We are happy, if you can celebrate victories with your team, club, athletes, fans and sponsors!

Table Tennis
Since 2007

In almost every education program, the DTTB implemented Blended Learning and Social Video Learning to improve and deepen competence learning.

  • Coaching license C,B,A Coaching training C, A


The easyCredit Basketball Liga offers a very special extra occupational education program for its coaches.

  • Three year program for junior coaches

Since 2013

To fulfill its members needs, the DMSB implements a flexible Blended Learning education program for all groundsmen.

  • Groundsmen Coach license B Driver

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Find out about innovative approaches towards Blended Learning and Social Video Learning in sports education by participating in one of our free webinars. All upcoming topics are shown below. Subscribe on our list and never miss the chance to learn how digital media in combination with special didactics will expand and enrich your existing train the trainer programs. 

Blended project management in sports - how to make your international development
projects more efficient

This new webinar introduces a new approach for a more valuable and sustainable project management in sports. Form our experience especially international projects often suffer from difficulties in coordination as well as documentation issues. Usually a great amount of time is put into getting to know the team and dealing with administrational challenges. Not to mention the time project leaders need to settle in their new environment while coping with cultural differences. Especially looking at short-term projects these processes need far to much energy and time.
For our last short-term project a Volleyball project in Honduras Ralf Iwan has used the online-learning-environment edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS to work with a blended project management approach.
The edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS uses video as its main collaboration and communication media. This has helped him and the team in Honduras to get to know each other long before Ralf actually arrived.  


To learn more about the idea of blended project management and the use of the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS join our free webinar!

Who should attend?

  • Federations, clubs, academic institutions of all sports who are interested to learn more about the concept of blended learning and the benefits of social video learning.
Your benefits
  • You learn about the concept of blended project management
  • We show how to use the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS in terms of project management

Date: Thur. 26.01.2017

Time: 26. Januar 2017, 15:00 - 16:00 MEZ

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